Welcome to Flying Free Dance Studio

Ballet Studio Pretoria East; Gauteng. 6 Laurika Street, Moreleta Park ex 24.

*Ballet Movement Classes for Babies from 3 Months to 3 years (Fledgling Classes) Fledglings- Ballet and dancing for babies

*Classical Movement For Toddlers - DASA Syllabus. Toddlers from age 3 Classical movement for toddlers

*Pre-Grade Examinations- DASA syllabus for children from age 4 and Grade Examinations- DASA syllabus Pre-grades and grades 

*Razzmatazz Jazz Dance for children  from age 5

and Jazz Dance Introductory Levels- Jazz-Ed syllabus for children Jazz

*Adult Jazz Classes from age16- contact Genevieve

*Adult Ballet -contact Debbie

*Line Dancing -contact Hannah

 contact us